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Trailer and Options

Trailer and Options
SKU SKU16315
Weight 310.00 kg
US$ Price: $4375.00
Jockey Wheel
Spare Wheel
Side Guide Rail
Axle Unit & Wheels

This is a high quality 'state of the art' trailer to perfectly match the boat. It has an aluminum frame, while cradle, winch post and mudguards are fiberglass. Axle is a Duratorque (with independent suspension), while all fasteners are stainless steel wherever possible. Note that the Duratorque axle is galvanized steel, as this is not available in aluminum.

Options available include over-ride disk brakes (steel or stainless steel),  alloy wheels, alloy winch, and alloy jockey wheel, spare wheel, side guide rail (used on leeward side for cross winds at ramp), and low profile tires which lower trailering height by 32mm (1 1/4"). 

Note that compliance with local regulations should be determined before ordering or shipping. The basic trailer frame only is also available without the axle/suspension/wheel unit, so that local running gear can be used where required by local regulations. Similarly the coupling, jockey wheel, and winch can be deleted and local equivalents used. Standard coupling ball size is 50mm, but a 1 7/8" coupling is also available and can be specified in options.

Basic frame will still come with the composite cradle, mudguards, and winch post.