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General backup service relating to the actual boat design, construction, or standard features is always free for a minimum of 5 years to original plan or F-boat buyers.

But with over 3000 boats now on the water it has become too difficult to provide unlimited free advice, as a full day could easily be spent answering email questions on older boats, while new design or production work suffers. However, advice can be provided on a consultation basis, as below, or brief questions can be asked on the F-boat Forum where there is usually plenty of free advice available from other owners. Any answers on the forum may also help other owners should they have the same problem, plus I also participate and may also answer if required.

There is also free general maintenance and other information for all owners at my Owners Page

Paid advice is available for all designs, including any Corsair boat manufactured after the Farrier-Corsair separation in 2000, or in some cases other designs with an unauthorized copy of the Farrier Folding System™ that are not working out very well.


Basic Consultation
A basic advisory service with Ian Farrier for a minimum fee
Long Consultation
A more detailed advisory service with Ian Farrier for more complex issues