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F-22 Single Replacement Beam

F-22 Single Replacement Beam
SKU SKU16156231313
Weight 15.00 kg
US$ Price: $2690.00
This is a single replacement beam for when needed (collision damage or similar)

Sea freight rates will range from US$250 (Australia) to US$450 (Europe). Local clearance and delivery fees will also apply and these will vary from country to country (usually range from $100 - $300). Local duty and tax/GST/VAT may also be applicable. Air freight is also optional, and in some cases may be better value at different times. If interested, ask for a quote as the web site system may not give the best air freight price.

Delivery is always to nearest port, for owner pickup at port, and any ongoing freight if necessary would be at an extra cost. Beams are easily transported individually by a small pickup or van.