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Jib Roller Furling

Jib Roller Furling
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US$ Price: $1645.00

All the parts needed to run a furling jib, using a compact NZ made KZ1 furler with head swivel. The anti-torque luff line in the jib is used as the forestay, which eliminates jib halyard and clutch. Head is instead connected directly to mast, which simplifies rigging, and reduces compression in the mast. Jib can still be lowered by a light internal halyard inside a zipper luff, while a light back up Dyneema forestay is optional, (although not necessary).

Furler is anchored below deck so that furling jib is the same size as a hanked jib, without any loss of area.

The included furling line is led aft along deck side to pass under forward beam, and then up through wing net lashing area to be anchored to aft beam by a bungy cord, and cleated in a supplied Harken cleat on cockpit seat edge. Keeps deck clean and free from clutter. More details in Specifications.