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F-32SR Float Curved Lifting Foils (Set of 2)

F-32SR Float Curved Lifting Foils (Set of 2)
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These all carbon curved lifting foils are an option for the F-32SR and F-33.

Foils are made in one piece with epoxy-vinylester infusion resin system and come with either a white gelcoat or a clear gelcoat finish (as shown). Weight is 27kg each. Note that these foils (designed in 2010) were originally intended to be a float buoyancy supplement and stabilizer, although they have been known to fully fly F-32SRs. However, note that they were designed as lower cost production foils, prior to the development of fully foiling large multihulls, and thus were never originally intended to fully fly the boat on a consistent basis. This would need super strong foils, plus rudder T foils to control properly, and such T foils have not yet been developed for the F-32 or F-33.

Foils are extra long so that there are also benefits in light winds in addition to high winds. However, it should be noted that using such long foils fully down in high winds and rough conditions can result in breakage, as it is very hard to make such slender foils strong enough to fully support the boat's full weight. Thus the foils should be retracted slightly, as specified, in winds over 15 knots to minimize the risk of breakage.

Note also, that outer ends of existing forward beams will need to be strengthened for the extra loads generated by the foils, and a detail sheet will be supplied for this.

Current delivery time for these foils is 2 - 3 months.

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