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Used Boat Check
An amateru built F-32 Interior. Many amateur built boats can in fact be quite superior to a production boats
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F-boats usually have a very high resale value, due to their reliability and uniqueness, and this is a quick and basic check on the known history of any boat with my folding system that is being considered for purchase. Just send the basic details, along with serial number of a production boat, or sail number of a plan built boat if known, plus photo if it looks odd, along with location and name of last owner, and original owner if known.

This does not replace a survey (strongly recommended) nor is it any guarantee that a boat is okay to buy, as this can depend on many factors out of designers control. But any known problems from original manufacture, non-design compliance, copies, counterfeit parts, or badly done repairs may be revealed. Another important step is to obtain a copy of my Used Boat Guide. This details all the various models, and if there is anything that should be checked with any particular model.

Fortunately most boats have been very well built and maintained, as per photos on this page, so serious problems are rare. However, not always the case, and one example of a trap to be wary of can be seen here. This is the forward beam bulkhead of a 36 footer, which is actually a close copy designed by someone else. The compression loads across this area from the beams are huge, and the beam recess area at right (which supports the beam) was very poorly integrated to the bulkhead - in fact there is a large gap where it should be solid, and the necessary load path is completely missing. The beam was thus able to move inwards, which crushed the door opening (which has major cracks top and bottom). The beam movement then possible allowed the float to move vertically 10" up and down. This was one of the worst structural designs I have seen, and there have now been several instances of this type of failure. Yet another example turned up this year, and it looks like the cost of repairs in this latest case could be well over $50,000.

There are also a few badly done copies that may appear to have the Farrier Folding System, but they are unauthorized copies, and many of these have had major structural problems. Any such boats can also be identified, and one can be seen at Broken Copy. In this case the designer had not done his homework, the angle for the lower folding struts being insufficient, plus they were just way too flimsy.

There are even boats with counterfeit beams around - and these include an F-22 (Sail No. 48) that was built in Tasmania where the builder designed and built his own beams, and this sort of thing is a huge concern. Would you knowingly fly in any airplane with counterfeit parts, as this is also a big problem in the aviation field. The builder was informed he could no longer call his boat a Farrier design or an F-22, but he still made several attempts to sell it as an F-22, dropping the price (by much more than a set of real beams cost) until he was able to sell. But this boat is still around so be very careful.

So to be safe, make sure you buy a genuine Farrier designed and authorized F-boat, and it is still wise to check on the boat's history as my specifications may not have been followed, or unsafe repairs may have been done.