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F-22 High Aspect Daggerboard Rudder System

 F-22 High Aspect Daggerboard Rudder System
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Weight 10.10 kg
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This special high performance composite rudder system uses a new high aspect foil section that is very resistant to ventilation, and with a quicker helm response.

It can also be used on the F-24, F-82, other similar size trimarans, catamarans, and also monohulls. Blade dimensions are 1320 (52") high with a 240 (9.45") chord, and total weight of carbon/glass blade and case is 6.9kg (15lb). The optional F-22R rudder is 200mm (8") longer.

This is the most advanced F-boat rudder system on the market, with an all composite fully adjustable 'double molded' case. Both case and blade are made with an epoxy-vinylester infusion resin system, and the blade is infused in one piece.

It is available with either carbon/glass or all carbon (F-22R) structural laminates. Note that gelcoat backup layer is always a thin layer of glass for durability, the only exception being the clear coated all carbon option (clear coat blade shown below). The clear coat UV protected finish allows the carbon reinforcement to be fully visible.

There are no metal parts, other than a few key 316 stainless fasteners, and the actual pivot pin (included), while pivot bushings are custom machined from a high performance plastic.

Standard finish is a white gelcoat and there a one year guarantee against breakage. Note that the glass/carbon rudder blade is intended for cruisers only, and racers should use the all carbon blade which will flex less under high loads.

More information on high aspect rudders and their construction is at High Aspect Rudders

Current delivery time is around 8 - 10 weeks, and note that rudder can only be sent by courier, as it is too large for the postal system.