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F-32/F-33 Rudder Upgrade

F-32/F-33 Rudder Upgrade
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Kick-up rudders have been used successfully for years, where the rudder blade is pivoted in the case and will swing back. But they come with one annoying problem - they are just about impossible to steer with when swung back to reduce draft for shallow water. Daggerboard rudders solve this problem by lifting vertically, and have also been around for years, but also come with a problem - they cannot kick back. Thus if one hits anything the rudder can be destroyed, or worse, ripped off the transom.

The only way to solve this was by developing a new kick up daggerboard rudder, which was first done with the F-33, and photo shows blade in place on an F-33 and retracted. This can give excellent control in shallow waters, coupled with a light helm, something a swing back style kick up rudder does very poorly. The rudder can also be retracted in lighter airs for less drag.

The built in 'kick back' ability will help avoid any damage or even complete loss should rudder hit anything, which has always been the the main concern with such daggerboard rudders.

Construction is all composite, epoxy/carbon/glass, and downloadable plans in PDF format are now available. These will be emailed within 24 hours after order.