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F-32 Carbon/glass Beam Set (4 beams) - Total Price $16944

F-32 Carbon/glass Beam Set (4 beams) - Total Price $16944
SKU SKU161562
Weight 280.00 kg
US$ Price: $5000.00
The four beams use a fiberglass wrap around the base carbon fiber structural laminate, and are infused with an epoxy-vinylester resin. Beams now come with built in F-22 style wing net lashing eyes - no need to fit your own

Finish is a white gelcoat which can be painted if desired. Will give the F-32A a folded beam of 2.55m (8' 4"). Note that folding system is not included, this being a separate purchase, or it can be made by builder.

These Beams only weigh around 30kg (66lb) each and are unique to the F-32. The full shipping crate (in photo background) will weigh around 280 - 330kg

Freight rates vary over time, and per country, so actual rate will be quoted just prior to delivery, but will range from around US$550 (Australia) to US$950 (Europe). Local clearance and delivery fees will also apply and these will vary from country to country (usually range from $100 - $300). Local duty and tax/GST/VAT may also be applicable.

Delivery is always to nearest port, for owner pickup at port, and any ongoing freight if necessary would be at an extra cost. Crate is large and heavy, but can be broken down, which will allow beams to be easily transported individually by a pickup or small van.

Terms: $5000 deposit with order, plus the estimated freight for shipping method chosen, the various options and costs for which can be seen by adding beams to cart, and then proceeding to first step of Checkout process.

Final balance will be calculated and due once beams are ready for shipping.