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F-32 Beam Mount Set (4)

F-32 Beam Mount Set (4)
SKU SKU161551
Weight 20.00 kg
US$ Price: $2099.00
The four Beam Mounts are used to incorporate the beams and folding system into the F-32 main hull, eliminating considerable work, and the need for careful alignment of multiple surfaces and/or pivot points.

These fiberglass mounts are resin infused for optimum properties, fully assembled, and include all associated special bushes. Two disposable molds are also included, which are used to mold in place a key structural area of the mounts, and fully integrating them into the hulls.

The Beam Mounts are unique to the F-32, and weigh around 3.5kg (8lb) each. The end result is a better and lighter structural system and a more efficient way to install the Farrier Folding System.