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F-22 Folding System Kit

F-22 Folding System Kit
SKU SKU16159
Weight 17.00 kg
US$ Price: $2314.70
The complete F-22 Folding System Kit as follows:
4 Lower Folding Struts
4 Upper Folding Struts
8 Lower Folding Strut Hull Brackets
16 Hull and Beam Pivot Pins
4 Beam Pads (2 fwd. & 2 aft)
4 Beam Bolt Nut Plates
8 Bolt Plate Spacers
4 Beam Compression Pads
4 Beam End Bearing Plates
2 Aft Beam Compression Pad Supports
4 Beam Bolt Plates
4 Hull-Beam Brkt. Pin Blocks
4 Beam Retaining Brackets
4 Beam Bump Pads
4 Beam Lock Pins
16 Float Bolt Backing Plates

All parts are precision CNC machined, with aluminum being clear anodized.
Current delivery time is 1 - 2 weeks, and kit can be mailed world wide.