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Production F-22 Deposit


F-22 Nominal Deposit (and Save $500)

A $500 deposit will reserve the next available hull number (production slot) in your name, for any model, and includes an additional $500 discount off the final price at time or ordering. Final price will thus be reduced by $1000.

There has already been considerable interest in the F-22, and thus the supply of 'sail away' boats will be limited for some time. There have been over 70 full deposits, which are no longer being accepted until after the order backlog can be reduced.

However, in the meantime, a nominal $500 will hold the next available place in line, and while not a refundable deposit, the hull number and the bonus $500 discount can be sold on if you do not wish to proceed at a later date.

The wait time at current production rate is around 2 - 3 years, but that should be reduced less than 6 months once high volume production is fully established.

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