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Production F-22 Pricing

The F-22 is currently being manufactured in New Zealand, for world wide export, and additional manufacturing sites are being developed. All listed prices are in US$  with buyer responsible for shipping cost to the nearest port, plus any local duty, clearance fees, and taxes that may apply. Such fees will vary from country to country, and over time - more details below. 


The Specifications and Options List covering the currently available models and options can be seen at:

Specifications and Options List  

There is currently a large order backlog (2 - 3 years), but this should start to come down quickly once additional production starts. 


F-22  (under revision)      

F-22S & F-22R  (Built in New Zealand)


As a guide, the approximate sea freight cost to major destinations (with 2 boats/container) are:

NORTH AMERICA US$1900-2800 - - - Europe US$2200-3000 - - - Australia US$1600-2000

One boat per container can be up to 50% more. Removal from container costs, and local transport to the final destination will be buyers responsibility, as will all destination entry or customs fees, insurance costs, or any destination duty or taxes that may be applicable.

Note also that freight rates can vary greatly over time and with different destinations so it is not possible to give an accurate freight cost in the shopping cart system. This will be done by a separate quote at time of shipping, but the above is a good guide. Freight quotes will normally give two rates, one to the nearest port only (CFR), and one to final destination (DAP) which is direct to place of assembly.

Local delivery will be available in Australia, and the UK via local distributors, while USA deliveries will be via Farrier Marine, Inc (USA). In these cases, the shipping plus entry fees etc will eventually be included in the local price, in separate local price lists once available. NZ buyers can pick up direct from factory or local NZ wide delivery can be arranged.

The best value shipping is when two boats for one destination can be sent in one container, which can reduce the shipping and clearance costs by 40 - 50%. Farrier Marine will assist in combining shipments whenever possible. However, with the current delivery schedule, the shipping of the first boat finished could be delayed for up to 2 months. Thus shipping one boat per container is more common at present, as while it may cost more, the unloading is easier and quicker, with much less assembly required.

Where no local agent is available, the container can be delivered to any convenient yard, so that boat can be removed from container and assembled by owner. This is not difficult, and fully detailed removal/assembly instructions will be supplied with every shipped boat. The following links give a general idea of the procedure:

F-22 Delivery in England

F-22 Delivery in Switzerland

F-22 Delivery in USA

F-22 Delivery in UAE

If required, a Farrier Marine representative can also assist with assembly for an additional fee, plus any expenses. The larger F-33 takes longer to assemble after delivery, with a more work involved, but the basic principles are the same.

F-33 Assembly


This can be done at any time by making a deposit via the Online Deposit Form. Your deposit will be confirmed by a return email along with your reserved hull number


Depositors will receive a notice 30 - 60 days before construction begins, and the full order with options should then be formulated via the links below and submitted using the F-22 Order check box when checking out.

Ordering online saves a management layer (less cost), and helps avoid any confusion - your final order will be used as the actual factory order. Progress payments will then be due 30 days before construction begins, payment procedure being as follows:

25% prior to construction beginning (initial deposit is subtracted off this)

25% when main hull and deck are made

25% when beams and floats are made

25% before shipping

Payments can then be made in several different ways when due, as is detailed at the end of the ordering process. 

Refund Policy

Full deposits can be refunded prior to construction beginning, with just a $100 administration fee required. No interest will apply to deposits, and as exchange rates can vary over time, any refund will be equal to what was originally paid in the currency of country of residence. It will also be paid to that country, unless otherwise agreed. 

F-22S or F-22R
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