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Plan Upgrades

Upgrades for older plans, plus dxf files for new plans (for CNC machining of frames, bulkheads and interior panels). Most items require ownership of a set of Farrier Plans


DXF files
Cad files for CNC cutting of parts - buyer must already own a valid set of Farrier plans.
Cost varies from $75 - $150 depending on plans
Fill in the correct amount
The price for this purchase is left open for you to fill in.
F-82 Daggerboard Rudder
Plans for the F-82 daggerboard rudder option and sent as PDF files
Re-registering Old Plans
To register any older unused set of plans, and to restore backup
Replacement Sailing Manual
The latest 2012 Sailing Manual for all Farrier designs, and now in color
Replacement Building Manual
The Building Manual for all Farrier designs
F-9 Carbon Chainplate Option
Details for making carbon chainplates for the F-9
Replacement Full Size Pattern Sheet Sets
To replace existing full size pattern sets that have been damaged.
Existing pattern sheets must be returned.
Price ranges from $35 to $75 depending on pattern type
Plans for Fitting an F-32 daggerboard Rudder to F-9 or F-31
Details for modifying all existing transom setups to fit carbon fiber gudgeons
F-33 Style Sliding Hatch
Drawings to build the sliding hatch as used on the F-32 and F-33
Exchange Updated Plans
A new and up to date set of exchange plans